ओखरको तेल – Walnut Oil (२५० मिलिलिटर)


Brand H&O
Item Dimensions LxWxH 35 x 35 x 145 Millimeters
Specialty Artificial Flavor Free
Volume 100 Millilitres
Material Feature Vegetarian
Package Weight 0.26 Kilograms
Net Content Volume 100 Millilit


Walnut oil is extracted through the Cold pressed method using a Rotary Ghani (Kachi Ghani) a traditional method to extract oil form seed at low temperature. By using this method, it avoids the exposing of oil to chemical solvents or high temperatures during the extraction of oil. That why the product you got is 100% pure, unfiltered and natural.

Walnut oil is a significant source of essential Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids Antioxidants Vitamin B C and E. Walnut oil is relatively quick-drying making it a great aromatherapy massages or after bath oil. Regular massages may help reduce wrinkles brighten the complexion and make skin soft as well as supple. Gentle under eye massages may improve circulation and help reduce dark

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